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Employment Opportunities

"If you are looking for an accounting environment to grow in, take a look at Corbin & Tapases, P.C."

Excellent Employment Opportunities -

The characteristics that distinguish one firm from another are its management philosophy, the people involved and the relationships between employees.

Corbin & Tapases, P.C. is different. Our philosophy is to provide the best atmosphere possible in which our people can create, perform, and grow. We believe that the success of a professional service firm is directly related to the caliber and attitudes of the people associated with it - and that's very important to you.

Important because we don't just look for employees. We look for people with the capability of reasoning and understanding - who get personal satisfaction from helping others. Innovative people with new ideas to bring to the profession.

With Corbin & Tapases, P.C., you will have the opportunity to interact with clients, and to feel a sense of accomplishment by being involved with engagements from start to finish. If you are looking for an accounting environment to grow in, take a look at Corbin & Tapases, P.C.

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Internship Opportunities -

During the months of January through April, we provide the opportunity to work with a local college in harnessing the talent of a tax time intern. Previously, this has been a wonderful chance to expose a student to real life work experience and the pressures of a 'busy season'. This has had a dual benefit as we have gained a new perspective of the field while providing an intern with resume building experience that accounting firms desire upon a student's graduation.

"Corbin & Tapases, P.C. promotes an excellent work environment for its employees. The staff works as a team and takes great pride in both their work and relationships."

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